We deliver an unprecedented level of business development and talent management support services, including client lead generation, talent acquisition, extensive market mapping and appointment setting. TalentSpark uses the latest in HR technology to give you an edge over your competitors.

About TalentSpark
We help you gain a competitive advantage

TalentSpark's highly skilled talent consultants and HR analysts use the latest HR Technology to deliver unprecedented levels of client lead generation, candidate sourcing and screening, market mapping and business intelligence.  

We assist recruitment agencies and corporate clients with a variety of business processes connected with the identification of clients and the attraction of talent. Our lead generation activities utilize the latest HR technology to speed up processes and widen coverage.  

TalentSpark's Management team has decades of experience in the BPO and RPO industry, serving the US market, and Asia’s regional hubs. They are supported in business development activities by a strong advisory board with extensive experience in recruitment, HR technology, and recruitment business M&A activities across Asia and North America.

Vision Mission Values

  • Vision

    To be the most innovative and trusted BPO partner in the Philippines, delivering consistently superior talent solutions for our clients’ recruitment and talent management functions.

  • Mission

    We strive to create leading client experiences by providing custom-made, high quality, outsourced recruitment services using a mix of human touch and HR technology to optimize reach, relevancy and speed.


  • Innovation

    We always seek new, innovative solutions and processes to inspire and improve the client experience as well as that of our workforce.

  • Integrity

    We are open, honest, and transparent and we respect our clients’ privacy and intellectual property.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about everything people centric; identifying, attracting and managing great talent for our clients and paying close attention to our team’s work/life balance. We exude curiosity in our work, always asking questions on how we can do better and create more value

  • Excellence

    We strive for excellence in everything we do. We drive high performance, efficiency and constant improvement, which in turn help us to achieve our vision and our clients’ goals and improve our team’s capabilities.

  • Social Commitment

    We are big believers in giving back to the talent and recruitment ecosystem through not for profit education and social activities.


TalentSpark delivers an unprecedented level of HR support services, including client lead generation, talent acquisition, talent market mapping services, and appointment setting. We blend art and science - the human touch with the latest in HR technology.

We have a deep understanding of how HR technology is changing the recruitment landscape. Our founders have been involved in identifying, assessing, advising, and investing in a number of HR technology and recruitment start-ups, especially those within Asia and in the US market.

recruitment services
Sales Development Services

Letting us do the heavy lifting will allow you to maximize your time fostering relationships while we assist you in sourcing and building new ones in your area of specialty.

What we do:

  • Client Lead Generation - Identifying and qualifying targeted client leads through in-depth research and industry intelligence utilizing proven methodologies.

  • Appointment Scheduling – setting up impactful conversations for you with hiring managers and other key stakeholders.
outsourcing consulting
Recruitment Development Services
Utilizing the latest in HR tech tools and blending in the human touch, we are able to effectively and quickly identify where high potential talent exists and deliver targeted, interested talent to the table.

What we do:

  • Candidate Lead Generation – Identification, attraction of talent with qualified appointment setting.
  • Visualize where talent exists within competitor organizations to help plan effective talent acquisition strategies.

talent mapping philippines
Market Mapping Services

Market Mapping and Competitive Intelligence will give you insights into crafting your own strategy, bearing in mind what key competitors are doing.

What we do:

  • Market Mapping
  • Competitive Intelligence

With a combination of both, we help you stay ahead, through insights into competitors' hiring strategies, organizational charts, compensation and benefits schemes, and product and geographical expansion plans.

Our team
Learn more about our team

Our core management team have decades of experience supporting corporate clients and recruitment agencies. They are advised by an investment board that has a successful track record scaling recruitment businesses and investing and advising HR technology businesses in Asia.

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